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About dConfig

Story of success after success

We began developing dConfig since 2011 with an idea of developing a pluggable platform so we can add functions whenever we want without the need to re-buid everything, the first version was a simple framework that was the web infastructure for a big company in USA called Nevins. After that we continue developing that framework and add more features to it so it would be relaible, dynamic and more powerful. We call it that time SAB framework that was shortcut for Server APIs Builder because the framework was powerful especially for building RESTful applications, and the application can be built using multiple modules or APIs.

After that time we began to think about building a platform above that framework that acts like an operating system for the web with a core apps for building the web presence and the ability to program apps above that OS that can contains any logic. And that really what happened, even it take a long time to be finished, and we got after that a powerful platform that we can use it to build any web application without the need to do that from scratch. And what engourage us more is that one of our sister companies "WESTERN LEAF ELECTRONICS" has used it as the infrastructure for her web presence. And after that we began to get more clients, and add more features to that platform till now. Even it is still need a lot of work to cover all the needs that a company would have, but we are proud of what have been done till now, and we are looking forward to make it the main operating system for your web presence.

And another small thing is that even this website have been built on dConfig platform :)