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  • Extensible CMS based on .NET 4


hi & welcome to D.CONFIG!

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Why you may choose this platform?

Cloud or Self Hosted

dConfig subscription is supported using our cloud service, or self hosted option.

High Performance

dConfig is optimized to offer high performance even for large data.

Rich UX & UI Designs

dConfig is on material design, simple interface, clear actions.

Apps Driven

dConfig is an apps driven platform, you can develop your own apps and add them to your self-hosted version.

Built-in Apps

dConfig comes with built-in apps that support you with high level tools for building your public websites and forms, a rich content management system and that's all with a privileged driven system.

Secure Platform

dConfig have been built as secure as possible. Its protected against SQL injection attacks and Cross-site scripting attacks.

Responsive Platform

dConfig is a responsive platform, you can work on it through your PC, your Tablet or through your smart phone.

Built-in Features

View Types

Create types for your pages

Define the editable fields names and types inside the page

Choose the hierarchy of your website pages

View Templates

Design your page type template

Choose the suitable layout template for your page

Inject your page type fields on its planned positions

Inject the scripts and styles you needs after defining them as bundles

Script and Styles bundles are automatically minimized and compressed to speed up your website performance


Define your website map

Choose the planned type and template for each page

Fill up the pages general attributes as title and SEO keywords and description

Fill up the fields you have defined for each page with its data

Create other versions for each page in other languages

Security & Memberhip

Manage your users, define more attributes for each user as you need and fill them

Define the roles you need and add users to them

Manage roles privileges to access any action on the platform

Define access rules to your end users pages, make it over https, and link them with specific roles

Forms Creator

Create the forms you need inside your public pages

Define each form fields name, title and types

Define lists items when you need a field with list like type

Link forms with email events so when submitting any form an email will be sent to the destination you need

Take a look on the submitted forms, group them and search inside them as you need

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